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by Tim Brown, The Starving Artist,
Starving for Change m
agazine, June 2008
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The Artist as Medium
by Marita Bon, Wilma, May 2007
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Wilmington Morning Star, January 11, 2002

Poet-Painter, American Pamela Toll by Sergej Andreevski,
Bechuk News, Macedonia, August 19, 2001

A Sentimental Journey, by Gligor Cermerski,
Denes magazine, Skopje, Macedonia, Feb. 1999

She captures oneiric worlds, impossible moments,
close to the undines and goblins; In a word, a paintbrush
with generous, ample, lively outlines in essence and form,
exercises of creator of natures, earth, lakes; beings of a
dreamed paradise plethoric of sensuality”

Manolo Messia, published in Sianoja catalogue, 2007